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Информация и советы в помощь кандидатам, сдающим  Euroexam по английскому языку от экзаменатора

Лицензия на проведение международных экзаменов EuroexamЛицензия на проведение международных экзаменов Euroexam

Dear Teachers & Candidates,
Announcing further details for the 2019 – 2020 Academic year.  Look out for this in the next couple of weeks.

Autumn 2019 teaching and mock exam programme 

Mid September 2019    

Although September is almost fully booked, I do have teaching dates available between 11th & 16th September. 
You will need to contact me very quickly to benefit from these dates and it is on a first come first served basis.

October 2019

Mock Examinations

Using secure Euroexam International practice tests, your students can now undertake a true mock exam with the listening or spoken parts managed by me exactly as a real exam, however your teachers can be present throughout.
Mock papers and spoken tests will be marked jointly by your teachers and me, under my guidance.
This is a great opportunity for teachers to learn more about the exams from the inside. 
In order not to compete against the full Euroexams, no certificates are issued.

Prices are 18 Euros for the written test and 20 Euros for the spoken test (all levels).

Mock exams have lots of benefits: 

  • Focusses students’ studies
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps guide teaching efforts
  • Inspires and encourages students
  • Builds confidence in the teaching
  • Working with a native speaker builds confidence
  • Gives teachers experience in assessment procedures

For those students planning to take exams in December these are perfect preparation. 
For next year's Spring candidates, having an early independent assessment of strengths and weaknesses guides teaching as well as giving potential candidates a wonderful experience. 
Marking is adjusted to reflect where the students should be in their learning programme.

Teaching sessions

For higher B1, B2 and C1 students I again plan a series of English masterclass lessons. 
I have been told that students find these incredibly motivational and useful. 
The focus is on building on your work, with special attention to vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, English culture and connected speech.  Speaking forms a major part of each lesson.

These are ideal for groups so each session may have up to 14 students.

These lessons are now offered at 45 Euros per academic hour; teachers are welcome to join in! 
The host school will be expected to cover reasonable costs of travel, food and accommodation.
There should be a minimum of 3 academic hours per day.  Schools can set their own prices for students.


Hosting a seminar is a great way to promote your school, your partnership with Verba International and the Euroexams. 
Last year they really did have an amazingly positive effect. If you’d like my help and input in a seminar, please do let me know.


I look forward to working with you.
Very best wishes,


Keith M Watts
Verba International Ltd. London & Hereford, UK.
Exclusive representative for Euroexam in the Russian Federation.

Easter greetings

"Dear All,

A very, very Happy Easter to you from me and my organisation, Verba International Ltd.

Ester for the UK passed last week amongst scorching spring temperatures of over +27 in some parts of the UK. At that time I was enjoying a fresh snowfall in Belokurikha. Today I am in Saratov, again working with some wonderful candidates, and there, like much of Russia the forecast is good; rather different from home country of Herefordshire where now friends have been struggling with storm force winds and a chilly +8. Such are the vagaries of the climate and seasons.

Whatever your plans are for today, I along with my partners at Euroexam International and EJO wish you, your family, friends, colleagues and students a wonderful and happy day. May the forthcoming spring and summer bring warmth, joy and the delights of longer days.

Have a wonderful Easter, Keith"


Keith M Watts
Director Verba International Ltd. London & Hereford, UK.
Exclusive representative for Euroexam in the Russian Federation. 



Coffee Shop Lesson

"Dear all,

International Exam time is here so to help you I've recorded a brief Coffee Shop Lesson looking specifically at the Euroexam Spoken test, A1 to B2.   I've kept it fairly short to focus on key points.

Just copy and paste the link into your browser.  The link is here:  https://youtu.be/ZifdeSDoxoE  

Please do feel free to pick and choose any bits, and again, if you wish to show it to some of your students, either as a little bit of advice, or simply to get them used to my voice, I'm happy for you to do so.  Do remind them that this has been recorded for you the teacher, so my rate of speech will be higher than they would find at A1 or A2!

As you prepare, remember, although an important exam, you must have fun!  Learning language is about communication, so enjoy it and if you want to, spot my language mistakes; it's always good to remind the students that, in live conversation, even native speakers make mistakes, so not to worry if they do too!  Hopefully you won't find too many.  :-)


Very best wishes,


PowerPoint video

"Dear all,
As an English teacher, holidays are great! Not just because we escape the kids, but they’re a great source of language. Even at A1, holidays give us a chance to elicit nearly all the WH questions, and as we see students move from towards B2 and higher, in comes aspirations, wishes and future plans.
It’s no surprise therefore that holidays are a favoured topic with exam boards too and this applies at all levels.

Across Russia, quite frequently I hear students thinking that a Sunday is (in English language), a “holiday”, and that the idea of a “day off” or “weekend” are not fully understood. This leads to the answer for “Where do you go on holiday?” “I go to the cinema,” exchange. So I’ve produced a short talk to help.
In the first talk under the idea of “Coffee Shop Lessons”, designed to last between 15 and 30 minutes I explore for you, the teacher, our concept of a holiday. It’s a PowerPoint video with commentary and can be found here: http://www.verbainternational.com/teaching/language-tips/

I hope that it helps you. If you’d like to steal any ideas from it for use in your classroom, please do so and if you like it, let me know and I’ll produce some more for you.


Best wishes,



A2 and B2 demonstration spoken exams

"Dear friends, 

At Verba International we’re always making some changes to the website, www.verbainternational.com and I think that you might like the latest.
We’ve added some videos of the spoken tests. With thanks to Elena Titova at Lyubertsy (Moscow Region) and four kind students, we have recordings of both A2 and B2 demonstration spoken exams. Please feel free to show them to your students and teachers.
We’ve also added links to the publically available Practice Tests that reside on the Euroexam International site. These are great for helping to remind students of the format, do feel free to adapt some of the questions for your teaching. 

As some of you think about exam preparation, in about 10 days’ time I hope to be able to confirm the April 2019 schedule. This year I am so excited about building the schedule, because in addition to seeing long existing friends at well-established centres, new locations have joined us. They are very, very welcome. Be part of a wonderful 2019 examination programme.

The website again is www.verbainternational.com and the videos can be found on www.verbainternational.com/euroexam-international-examinations/sample-tests/


Best wishes for a great term,